Van Gogh Art Wallpaper Starry Nights Van Gogh Art Wallpaper Sternennächte

van gogh art wallpaper starry nights

van gogh art wallpaper starry nights , #gogh #wallpaper #starry #nights

In this facebook post that I wanted to share with you a user shared the above picture. We talked about that in another publication bride now let’s talk a little about art, what do you think?

Art is beautiful, revealing event, says the average person. If that is art, then many things are art? , and you ask

For the average person, art is the emergence of beauty; There is no art problem that cannot be solved with beautiful. But what is beautiful, as beautiful as the content of the average human art? How to understand, is there are certain signs? what art is beautiful by whom? As always, the more closed and incomprehensible a concept is, the more audacious and self-confident people use the word that expresses that concept; in the meantime, what is meant by that word is so simple that they have the feeling that it is not even worth talking about what it means.

In the past, it was feared that objects that disrupt human morals would become art objects, and they would be completely banned. Let’s look at the present; people are afraid of the lack of any pleasure of art and what is being done and tried to preserve it. I desired to share these with you now, 09 Fri 2019 at 02:42.

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